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Fear vs Faith


So I was reading one day looking for something that stood out to me and saw a blog post by a fellow missionary that read.


“This morning, while I was doing some household chores, I got to thinking about the War in Heaven. I have often wondered how Lucifer could justify going against our Father. And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks.


He was afraid.


He was afraid that he wouldn’t measure up. He and those that followed him were afraid that they would be among those that didn’t make it back to our heavenly father. Fear drove 1/3 of the hosts of heaven to be banished, rather than face mortality.”

As I read that I realized something. We were afraid too. But we overcame that fear. We fought it back, knowing that, come what may, our father loved us, and he would never set before us anything that we could not accomplish. That he would guide us. That the atonement would bring us home.


So, what I learned is that, whenever you are afraid, just remember, you are brave. Come whatever fear you face, just imagine how afraid you would have been, coming to earth, knowing that you were going to forget everything, and start new. You are Heavenly Father’s child, and he will never put before you any

thing that you cannot overcome.


You are braver than you think.


So bravery and faith go hand in hand, as taught by Elder Nelson here, if we have faith we will be able to overcome the trials in life. We will have the bravery and the courage to stand strong in our beliefs.


When our faith in Christ, when we can trust Christ with all our hearts we will be able to overcome all trials. We already did it once. We trusted him enough in the pre-earth life now we just need to have that trust in him for this life.


So as the prophet Alma taught in the Book of Mormon, faith doesn’t have to start big, it can start as small as a simple belief. If you can desire it to be true then you will be able to find out if it is true.


From small and simple things great things come. So have faith, be brave and go forth with courage.


You already chose to trust in Christ once, you were brave enough to trust him once. So trust him now.


I know that if you will try to pray, if you will simply desire to find out for yourself you’ll be able to find that faith. You will be brave.


Remember your braver than you think and with Christ your strong enough to overcome anything.


So to close, hold on, you’ll get through it. As Elder Holland said 

Holland picture

I know this is true, Jesus Christ is my big brother and my Savior.


Christ and Satan


May I start off by saying i absolutely love this picture, unfortunately I have no clue so I can’t give them proper credit. If anyone knows where its from let me know and I’ll give due credit.


So onto why this photo is so good.


For me it embodies the fight between good and evil, Christ leading the forces of good and Satan the forces of evil. Of course we all know how the conflict will end but that doesn’t change the fact that the war is well underway in all our lives.


There are three main things that stand out to me in this picture, the first is the eyes of Christ and Satan.


First Christ’s eyes, he’s staring directly into his brothers eyes. His eyes seem to be saying, “What are you doing? You had your chance to become like Father, if you had followed his plan you wouldn’t be miserable. You blew it.”

There is not a shadow of doubt in Christs eyes, he knows the outcome with every fiber of his being. All he’s waiting for is his Father’s word and he’ll end the war and a new age of peace and love will begin.


Now Satan.

At the first glance he looks all big bad and scary. I won’t lie if I saw someone that looked like that walking down the street it would give me the chills.


However look closer at his eyes.

When I really look into Satan’s eyes I don’t see anger, power or any of the other emotions I’d expect from him.


I see fear.


He knows he’s lost, he knows his Heavenly Fathers plan will win and that means he loses. He knows its a lost cause but because of his pride he will never give up the fight to make us as miserable as possible.


Another thing that really stands out to me in this picture is Christ and Satans aura’s.


Satan’s aura is dark, red and doesn’t permeate and stay around. It just kind a fades when it gets closer and closer to Christs aura.


Now Christs aura doesn’t seem scary, isn’t overpowering yet its always present. I think of the aura’s kind a like light. It looks peaceful, in a state of tranquility.


Darkness and light.

They simply cannot be in the same space as each other. It is impossible.


As soon as light comes into a room the darkness flees, even a simple candle flame will immediately dispel the darkness in a dark room with no windows or other possible sources of light.


Just like how light will always overpower darkness, so too will Christ and good always overcome evil.


Evil may seem like its going to win, it may be dark but eventually the light will come and the darkness will be no more.

Now you can over analyze anything and I probably am over analyzing this but still that doesn’t make the symbolism I find any less meaningful to me.


I don’t know if the painter of this picture meant for the eyes, the auras or anything in the pictures to truly have deeper meanings. Maybe the painter just painted a really cool idea they came up with.


It doesn’t matter.


It has meaning to me because I can see those things in the picture for myself. Who knows, maybe completely different things will stand out to you and maybe all your’ll see is two guys arm wrestling.

That’s the beauty of our Heavenly  Father’s plan of salvation. It gives us the agency to experience things for ourselves.

Agency is so essential in our lives, that’s the ultimate gift our Heavenly Father has given us. So use your agency to learn good from wrong. More on Agency can be found here and here’s an apostle on agency if you want.

So get out there and experience our Heavenly Fathers creations to the fullest.

Life won’t be easy, but when we let Christ help us out we know that we will win.

So who’s side do you want to be on?