Sorry its been so long since I posted but E. Pemberton and I have been super busy with the Lords work.


So as we all reflect this Christmas season I’d like to share my testimony of Christmas and what it and Christ means to me.


I once heard the best place to start a story is in the middle so that’s where I am going to start.


Every Christmas my family does a number of things that make it special to me and all of them we do together which is what makes them so great.

One of my favorite things we do is a Secret Santa (hopefully none of the people we did read this). I absolutely loved doing this.


I mean what kid when they’re little doesn’t love to ring someones doorbell and run, its just so exciting.

So for many years I didn’t understand this really, I mean it was fun but I never understood how it was really all that Christmas related.

It wasn’t until I was well into high school did I realize why we did this Secret Santa.


A lady whose family we had been being Santa to had been asked to speak at church the Sunday after Christmas.

During her talk she mentioned us. Her Secret Santa’s.


She spoke how we had brought so much joy to their family that season and how even though sometimes meals or bedtime had been interrupted by the occasional doorbell it had made her kids so happy. Everyday in December she told how her kids had asked when Santa was coming, when they could catch Santa.


I learned that even this was service.

We were caring for her kids and showing them that someone was out there playing with them. That someone wanted her family to be happy. It was super special because I learned that though I got so much happiness, I was able to bring others more.

I was able to be the tool to bring a bit of that magic of Christmas to those kids lives.


Its kind a like missionary work, the Gospel, service or any Christlike attribute.


Even though we give of ourselves we get much in return. We are able to lighten others loads and help them feel our Savior’s love.


So that’s what Christmas to me is all about.


Remembering our Saviors love and trying to help all my brothers and sisters to feel the love our Heavenly Father and his Son have for them.


So this Christmas try to serve your brothers and sisters more.


Find someone whose load needs to be lightened and as you do that I can promise you that as those you serve feel our Fathers love you will too.


So Christmas, that great holiday. It means so many different things to so many different people but to me, to Elder Logan Longhurst it’s very simple.

Christmas means love.