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So this last Sunday Elder Pemberton and I were talking with Brother Le Bel, our Ward Mission Leader about church standards and doctrines. So while we were talking Bro. Le Bel made an interesting statement that really stood out to me.


“As much as we like to think we aren’t like the children of Israel, we are. How often do we look for exact rules or ask how far is the limit on various things.”


That made me wonder, there often is a lot of gray area that is left open to members of the Church. Yes we have a prophet of God who leads us but how often are exact stances left unsaid.


I’ve realized more and more on my mission its very often.


We aren’t given exact rules because you don’t learn anything with rules, you can always find ways around the rules. So there’s this dilemma you face, which path to follow, which way do you go.


Which way do you go?

Which way do you go?

So lets compare life to this path a little.


Neither one is particularly special, one goes left and one goes right and both look to be about the same. Without some further knowledge or outside help you’ll be making the decision of which way you choose to go blind.


So to the uninformed hiker either path is good.


We can be like this in life.


When we come into this life we don’t have knowledge, we’re born with a clean slate and we come here to learn and get experience.

The great thing about this life is that we don’t have to go at it alone. We have the instructions and leadership that we need.


Our Heavenly Father has given us the scriptures to guide us home. In the Book of Mormon we can learn life lessons from the writings of prophets and just ordinary people who tried to live their faith in their every day life.


So the hiker with the map will be able to look down the map, see what the terrain with each path is like and know which one is the best one to take.


In real life the Church provides us with the necessary maps, resources and other such stuff that we’ll be able to find our way on our own. But they don’t force you to follow the “straight and narrow”.


We have to figure things out on our own, we can always ask our Heavenly Father and he’ll give us the answer but not when we think we need it.


Our Heavenly Father has given us the tools to figure out right and wrong on our own, he wants us to learn and grow and that’s what he’s going to let us do. He’s going to let us work for answers.


Work can cure a lot of things

Work can cure a lot of things, and not just cattle

So maybe that’s one reason life is so hard, so confusing and without exact doctrines defined by our prophet and the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We already have the tools to find them, they’re in the scriptures and its our job to find them.


I know that by studying the scriptures we can find answers to many of life’s greatest questions and always know that what we are doing is right.


How do you learn what is right and wrong?


A Book with no Equal

So I love to read, I can read all night and still want to keep going. Doesn’t matter if it’s fantasy, mystery, historical, sci-fi or adventure. Really it didn’t matter what tho of book, so much as it was good.


I can list countless books that have influenced my life or storks I’ve learned from but no book has taught me as much as the Book of Mormon.


Now from a purely historical point of view, the Book of Mormon tells a fascinating tale of two rival nations and many political and religious intrigues of the culture.


From the spiritual point of view, the Book of Mormon has no equal.


The Book of Mormon tells of morals, lives of men and women truly lived the gospel whose examples we can learn from. The Book of Mormon contains examples of faith, hope, love, courage, and charity.


In the Book of Mormon there are the men and women who become our role-models, our hero’s. Moroni, Ammon, the Stripling Warriors, Mormon or Nephi are just some of the many hero’s we can learn from. If you were to ask a member of the Church who these people are they would be able to tell you the traits and how they were great leaders we can learn from.


But what makes the Book of Mormon the most compelling to me is not its exciting tells or the men and women whose lives are contained in its pages. But rather with what the book says to do.


Moroni, the last writer/prophet of the Book of Mormon, invites us to pray, find out if this book is true.



In essence Moroni is saying prove me.


Prove me. Prove me.



Moroni isn’t asking us to take his word that this is true, he’s not asking us to follow Joseph Smith blindly and just take his word that this book is true.


No, Moroni tells us to prove him.


He promises that either God will reveal that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God or that it won’t happen.


The Book of Mormon can’t be half true, it can’t be just a good book.


It is either all of God or all of the Devil.


Really that’s pretty much it.


So that’s what us missionaries are out here to do, we want to give people that chance for themselves to find out if this is true. To either prove what we’re saying is true or prove that it isn’t.


We invite others to find out if this true because if it is, it will be the most important news you will receive in your life.


So do you want to know what the news is? Well you gotta give this book a chance then.


Fear vs Faith


So I was reading one day looking for something that stood out to me and saw a blog post by a fellow missionary that read.


“This morning, while I was doing some household chores, I got to thinking about the War in Heaven. I have often wondered how Lucifer could justify going against our Father. And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks.


He was afraid.


He was afraid that he wouldn’t measure up. He and those that followed him were afraid that they would be among those that didn’t make it back to our heavenly father. Fear drove 1/3 of the hosts of heaven to be banished, rather than face mortality.”

As I read that I realized something. We were afraid too. But we overcame that fear. We fought it back, knowing that, come what may, our father loved us, and he would never set before us anything that we could not accomplish. That he would guide us. That the atonement would bring us home.


So, what I learned is that, whenever you are afraid, just remember, you are brave. Come whatever fear you face, just imagine how afraid you would have been, coming to earth, knowing that you were going to forget everything, and start new. You are Heavenly Father’s child, and he will never put before you any

thing that you cannot overcome.


You are braver than you think.


So bravery and faith go hand in hand, as taught by Elder Nelson here, if we have faith we will be able to overcome the trials in life. We will have the bravery and the courage to stand strong in our beliefs.


When our faith in Christ, when we can trust Christ with all our hearts we will be able to overcome all trials. We already did it once. We trusted him enough in the pre-earth life now we just need to have that trust in him for this life.


So as the prophet Alma taught in the Book of Mormon, faith doesn’t have to start big, it can start as small as a simple belief. If you can desire it to be true then you will be able to find out if it is true.


From small and simple things great things come. So have faith, be brave and go forth with courage.


You already chose to trust in Christ once, you were brave enough to trust him once. So trust him now.


I know that if you will try to pray, if you will simply desire to find out for yourself you’ll be able to find that faith. You will be brave.


Remember your braver than you think and with Christ your strong enough to overcome anything.


So to close, hold on, you’ll get through it. As Elder Holland said 

Holland picture

I know this is true, Jesus Christ is my big brother and my Savior.