Sorry its been so long since I posted anything, sometimes stuff comes up as a missionary and you just don’t get all the things done you want to.


Regardless you shouldn’t give up.


Giving up is one of the worst things you can ever possibly do in life. Giving up on your dreams, you love, on life or hope.


So often people dream, they want to be awesome and great and have fun.


For today will you look up, remember that you can be great. You are a child of God after all, its your heritage.


Don’t give up on your dreams, goals because you can reach them. You can do all that you set your mind to, just keep going, by doing the small and simple things and persistently doing that which is good we will reach what we are working towards.


Be happy, remember God, work hard.


After all as that wise prophet Nephi has said,


Life isn’t meant to be endured, its meant to be lived.